Over the years I have worked on and contributed to various projects in the Android community. I am currently a project maintainer for Android Password Store. My personal projects can be found on GitHub, some of the prominent ones are:

  • Viscerion: Android client for the WireGuard™️ VPN protocol. Built with Android Jetpack and Kotlin.
  • floating-action-button: Android library for drawing expandable Floating Action Buttons that conform to the material spec. Fully written in Kotlin and used in production in Hyperion launcher.
  • Caesium Kernel for the OnePlus 3/3T: A custom kernel for the OnePlus 3/3T, designed to be lean, quick and efficient while staying up-to-date with linux-stable releases.
  • Caesium Kernel for the Pixel 2/2XL: A custom kernel for the Google Pixel 2/2XL with similar principles.

I’ve also developed a recent infatuation with Docker, and developed the following images for various usecases of mine

  • docker-zulu-jdk: Packaging of Zulu, a OpenJDK release channel of tested and verified builds under the latest Ubuntu and Alpine Linux distributions.
  • drone-decrypt-files: A simple plugin for Drone CI that allows storing encrypted blobs in the VCS repository for CI to decrypt into usable artifacts like signing keys.