Osilator Stochastic

Osilator Stochastic


Osilator Stochastic adalah osilator momentum yang memiliki rentang. Indikator Stochastic di desain untuk menampilkan lokasi dari close jika dibandingkan dengan rentang high/low dalam suatu periode yang dapat ditentukan oleh pengguna. Umumnya, Osilator Stochastic digunakan untuk 3 hal: Mengidentifikasi level-level overbought dan oversold, menemukan divergen dan mengidentifikasi setup atau sinyal bull dan bear.

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=== INTRO === This is a 2 in 1 indicator, STOCHASTIC + NORMALIZED MACD. I release this script as public because both stochastic and normalized macd are public, so I cannot find any reason to post it as private :) === USAGE === You can use any of the indicators by itself as usual, stochastic as a oversold/overbought indicator as a momentum/trend.

BTCUSD: MTF Stochastic Scanner 🚥

This Stochastic scanner can be use to identify overbought and oversold of 10 symbols over multiple timeframes it will give you a quick overview which pair is more overbough or more oversold and also signals tops and bottoms in the AVG row light red/green cell = weak bearish (Stoch = 30-20) / bullish (Stoch = 70-80) medium red/green cell = bearish (Stoch =.

DJI: Amino FT Modified

This oscillator is designed by Amino (Amin Dehghan) which includes four K percent lines (derivated from Stochastic Oscillator ). The value of these lines are multiplied by 4 (which is the main multiplier of Ichimoku System ) which are 240, 60, 30, 15. The slowing line is 1 by default. Please like and follow for more indicators and system templates from.

NAS100USD: Bogdan Ciocoiu - Litigator

Description The Litigator is an indicator that encapsulates the value delivered by the Relative Strength Index, Ultimate Oscillator, Stochastic and Money Flow Index algorithms to produce signals enabling users to enter positions in ideal market conditions. The Litigator integrates the value delivered by the above four algorithms into one script. This indicator.

ETHUSDTPERP: OnChart Stochastic

💡 Stochastic oscillator superimposed on the chart! 👉 This is a very convenient visualization for trading in any market and TF! Stochastic settings are standard. The exit of the Stochastic lines above the upper border (High band) indicates that the price has entered the overbought zone (here you should look for a sale), the exit below the lower border (Low.

BTCUSDT: S2BU2 Stochastic Momentum Convergence Divergence

Fair Use: Please do not take my work and sell it under your own name. This was created to benefit everyone - not one person. Feel free however to use it as part of whatever work you wish to sell (of course i would applaud also giving ideas away for free - your choice though ;) What it is: This is a twist on the stochastic momentum indicator . It combines the.


Developed by George Lane, "Stochastic Oscillator" follows the speed or the momentum of the price by calculating the high and low range of the financial instrument in regards to the closing price over a period of time. Thomas R. DeMark's "DeMark Pressure Ratio" on the other hand, is a combination of indicators that measure the rate of change in price with.

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